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The search assistant who connects to all your sources of information to facilitate your work

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How Wuha optimizes your workflow


Boost your productivity

Looking for information? A file? A conversation? A contact? Wuha allows you to stop scattering and optimize on average 7 hours a week!


Easily find your information

Connect all your information sources to Wuha to search in only one place.


Search where and when you need it most

Wuha integrates seamlessly into your workflow by directly displaying search results where you work.

How does it works?

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Install the Wuha extension

Add the Wuha plugin to your Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 11 browser

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Connect your information sources

Securely connect your favorite software to Wuha

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Search your information in complete confidentiality in Google and from anywhere in your browser with the shortcut CTRL + SPACE

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Access all your information in a second

Our powerful Artificial Intelligence offers you the most suitable and relevant search results

Recommended by the press

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Recommended by our customers

Véronique Maugeri,

Véronique Maugeri,

Functional product manager @Éditions Francis Lefebvre

The use of the Wuha solution opens up new perspectives on the relevance of search from the web browser and the first Google query.

Christophe Plissier,

Christophe Plissier,

Chief Financial Officer @GAC Group

Thanks to Wuha, our consultants can now efficiently find all the technical documentation located in our servers and email exchanges.

Thomas Belhamri,

Thomas Belhamri,

Co-founder @Boryl

The Gmail extension is very useful to me! Typically, when I think I have received a message by email, with Wuha I quickly see that I actually received it on slack. That’s perfect!


We take security seriously.

Your privacy, our responsibility

Wuha was designed from the beginning to protect your data on the Privacy by Design concept. Also the confidentiality of your data is respected and secure.

A secure architecture, our priority

The Wuha team puts security at the heart of the search engine. We regularly have our infrastructures and systems audited by cyber security experts to ensure the confidentiality and security of your information.

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