Privacy Policy

Our Responsibility

At Wuha, our most important resource is data. We collect and treat large amounts of data every day in order to provide you with the best service possible. We also respect data. Your data is your property and you have the right to decide who to send it to and what they do with it. We believe in company transparency when it comes to data handling.

We also promise:

  • to never sell your data to a third-party without your explicit consent
  • to share with you the list of all third-party services we use, why we use them, and what we send to them
  • to let you download all your data at any time
  • to let you delete all the data we store on you at any time
  • to let you completely delete your account and all data associated with it
  • to be completely transparent with regards to our approach to security and data protection

Your Responsibility

We believe you, as a user, also have a responsibility:

  • to read and agree to the conditions of use
  • to read and agree to our privacy policy
  • to understand and seek approval if needed of any data you agree to send to Wuha

What we mean by "data"

This privacy policy confirms with the GDPR and has been created to answer your questions on the data collected by all websites, domains, services, applications and products created and used by Wuha.

  • Private data, personal and nominative, describes information related to an identifiable person. This applies if the person can be identified directly (via a name, phone number, or email), or indirectly (via a physicall address, an IP address, or content of an indexed document). If this can be done using one or a combination of pieces of information, the data is private.
  • Data is also defined as any information we collect when talking to your connected applications. This data can take the form of:
    • metadata (structured data on the file)
    • textual content of a document, email, or a message
    • authors, collaborators, and editors of content
    To learn more about what data we collect and how we handle it, you can read more here.
  • We also consider private data to be anything related to your navigation or use of the Wuha application. This data could be the time you pass on our site, which pages you look at, and how you use the Wuha product.

What personal information do we collect?

When you sign up to Wuha, we ask you to use an email address and/or an existing internet account to authenticate you in the future.
When you connect an application to Wuha, we index all of the data you have access to in that source.
When you perform searches with Wuha, we collect the searches you make and the results you click to improve your future searches in Wuha

When do we collect personal information?

We collect personal data when:

  • you browse and interact with our website
  • you use our application
  • you voluntarily send information to our team

How do we use your information?

We use the information we collect to personalize the Wuha experience for you. As you browse our site, sign up for our newsletter, respond to a company survey, use the application we perform the following personalizations:

  • We modify the content of the site to cater specifically for your use case
  • We use your behaviour when you interact with our support team to quickly understand your needs
  • We improve the relevance of search results based on your past uses of Wuha

How do we protect your personal data?

Your personal data is permanently encrypted. We encrypt at rest and in transit.
Our solution has been classes 4.98/5 by the cybersecurity group THALES CYBERSECURITY. This report is available at request.
We regularly work with THALES and other groups to ensure the security of our system is up-to-date against different threat types.
Your data is stored on a private network that is not publicly available. Only you and certain employees at Wuha (such as support) have access to your personal data. We log every data access and we regularly review access lists to verify that account access lists are up to date.

How do we use browser cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of information stored locally by your web browser and associated with the Wuha site.
Cookies are private and allow us to keep you logged in between sessions and track how you use our site.
An example of our cookie usage is to associate your support conversations done via the site with your user account.
The cookies used for the Wuha application cannot be seen by other services, and do not contain sensitive information.
We also use cookies for:

  • Save any user preferences for future visits
  • Improve the site experience based on your navigation and usage
  • Optimize the performance of our websites
  • Working with advertising agencies to ensure that the adverts and publicity that you see is relevant for you.

You have complete control over how you use cookies. Using the configuration of your web browser, you can choose to refuse cookies, or to be alerted when cookies are added or modified.
If you disactivate cookies, certain functionality of Wuha will no longer function correctly.

You can learn more about how social networks use cookies and advertising:
Google Opt-out Page -
Facebook Opt-out Page -
LinkedIn Opt-out Page -

Below is a list of the services we use, and their functionality:

Service Functionality
Google Analytics Collect data on how users navigate and interact with the Wuha website
Segment Centralize all data collection services and third-parties
Hotjar Collect ergonomic data on how users interact with the Wuha website
Mixpanel Collect usage data of the Wuha application
Intercom Collect usage data of the Wuha application and allows us to better communicate to our userbase
Facebook Communicate via Facebook with our users via advertising
Instapage Allows us to easily create different versions of web pages to test the best content strategy
Stripe Manages our client payments and the financial aspect of Wuha

Third-Party Disclosures

We do not sell, exchange or transfer personal data to third-parties without your explicit permissions. This disclosure does not include services that are critical to the functionality of our system such as cloud service providers and hosting providers. We recommend you read the privacy policies of our third-party services to understand how they use your data.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss further on how we use third-party services to improve Wuha.

We do not include of offer the usage of third-party services via Wuha.
Your data is in good hands, but if you'd like to discuss further we would be happy to hear your questions.
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