Privacy policy

    Our responsibility

    At Wuha, our raw material is data. We work every day on millions of data to provide you with the best information, the one you need at a specific time. So We have a huge respect for your data. We are firmly convinced that a new era in the world of Big Data is possible: that of transparency, ethics and responsibility.

    We also commit ourselves to:

    • share with you the list of third-party services We use to analyze your needs and optimize our services
    • give you the opportunity to download all your personal data and delete them permanently.
    • allow you to permanently delete your Wuha account
    • do everything in terms of security to technically protect your data
    • never resell the collected data to a third party: personal information, documents, requests...

    Your responsibility

    We also believe that We are not the only ones who have to take responsibility. You have a duty to read well:

    • the general conditions of use
    • this privacy policy
    • all the information We submit to you

    This is in order to be aware of all the data you make available to us.

    About this Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy applies to the Information We collect about you when you use our Services, Applications, when you visit our Site and when We act as data controller within the meaning of the law.

    In the greatest concern to protect your personal data, Wuha strives to implement a Personal Data Policy that is understandable, transparent and in accordance with European Regulation 2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and national legislation (Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 amended on 22 June 2018).

    This Personal Data Policy is effective as of 11/05/2018.

    We may change this Privacy Policy at any time if We change the way We process your Information. We will then inform you within a reasonable time before a new version of the Personal Data Policy comes into effect, either by sending an email or by sending a notification on our Applications or on our Site.


    When We use capitalized terms in this Policy, We refer to the definitions below:

    "Subscription" refers to the subscription to which you have subscribed as a Wuha customer and which determines the Services that you or your Users can access.

    "Director" means any legal person independent and distinct from Wuha, to which you belong or are attached (for example, your employer) and who has entered into a contract with Us to authorize you to use Our Services.

    "Applications" refers to both the Wuha Software and the Wuha Extension.

    "Account" refers to your user account that you can access on our Site once you have logged in using your Username and Password.

    "Data" means any file, folder or information, whether or not originating from a Third Party Solution, that You and/or your Administrator select for Wuha to index and reference in your Wuha Space.

    "Wuha Space" refers to your personal space or the space granted by your Administrator, on which are indexed and referenced the Data chosen by you and/or that your Administrator has chosen.

    "Wuha Extension" refers to the extension developed by Wuha that can be added to your web browser and allows you to perform keyword searches on your Wuha Space.

    "Identifiers" refers to the user name and confidential password that allows you to access and use our Services.

    "Information" refers to personal data concerning you, whether this Information identifies you directly or indirectly.

    "Wuha Software" means the software developed by Wuha, executable on computer terminals running on Windows or Mac operating systems, and necessary for indexing and referencing your Data on your Wuha Space.

    "We", "Us", "Our,"Ours" and "Wuha" refer to our company Wuha, a simplified joint stock company with a capital of €8,740, whose registered office is located at 48 avenue du 8 mai 1945 in TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE (69160), registered in the Lyon Trade and Companies Register under number 810 665 273.

    "Policy" refers to this Privacy Policy.

    "Services" refers to the application services, related to the search for documents indexed by You and/or your Administrator, offered in SaaS mode by Wuha using the Solution.

    "Site" refers to our website accessible via the domain name

    "Solution" refers to the software solution for indexing and searching documents by keywords developed by Wuha.

    "Third Party Solutions" refers to databases or software solutions published by third parties of Wuha that can work with the Wuha Solution and its Services.

    When does this Privacy Policy not apply?

    The Policy does not apply when a Director decides how to use your Information (when a Director acts as controller within the meaning of the law).

    *Example: The Policy does not apply when an Administrator decides to create an Account for you, sets the Services you use, defines how you can use your Wuha Space, determines which Data you can view or index, changes your rights to use the Services, suspends or deletes your Account.

    For any information on how your personal data are used or to exercise your rights over the processing operations carried out by your Administrator, We invite you to contact your Administrator directly.

    When using Third Party Solutions

    The Policy does not apply when you use Third Party Solutions even if they are used or compatible with our Services.

    The use of Third Party Solutions remains subject to the respective terms and conditions of use and privacy policies of the third party companies that publish them.

    *Example: When you connect your account to Gmail or Outlook, when you index Data from Slack, Dropbox, etc.

    For any information on how your personal data are used or to exercise your rights to the processing carried out by these third companies, We invite you to contact the third companies concerned directly.

    How can I contact you?

    You can contact us in several ways:

    By mail: Wuha, 48 avenue du 8 mai 1945 in TASSIN LA DEMI LUNE (69160).

    By phone: +33 1 76 41 41 03 83

    By email: [email protected]

    Please note that We will only be able to answer questions or requests for the exercise of rights related to this Policy. For more information, please refer to the section "When does this Privacy Policy not apply? ».

    What information do We collect about you?

    We may use different types of Information, which you may provide yourself, on an optional or mandatory basis, or which We may collect automatically.

    The Data: We use the Data that you or your Administrator indexes and references in your Wuha Space. In particular, We use text data extracted from documents, the document path, document metadata, information access URLs, etc.

    Your identity / contact details: Whether you are a prospect or a Wuha customer, We may process information about your identity and contact details that you have provided to us, such as your name, first name, email address, telephone number, company name, professional functions, Wuha offers of interest to you, your comments, questions, complaints.

    Account Information: We use information related to your Account, such as your email address, username, surname, first name, rights and privileges to use the Services.

    Subscription Information: We use information related to your Subscription, such as the Wuha offer to which you or your Administrator has subscribed, the identity of the Administrator who manages your Account, the duration of your Subscription, past and future payment dates.

    Bank Information: We use this information when you are a Wuha customer and pay for your Subscription by bank payment. This information includes the card number, expiry date and visual cryptogram.

    Your actions: We generate information related to your actions when you use our Services. For example, We use the keywords you are looking for, We count the number of results obtained during a search, the results you consult, the total number of searches performed, etc.

    Login Information: We collect information related to your connection to our Site, Applications or Services. This information includes your IP address, the page visited, the page from which you came, the time and date of connection, etc.

    Information related to your devices: We collect information related to the operating system used by your equipment, the brand or type of device you use, the resolution of your screen, etc.

    Information from Third Party Solutions: When you decide to use our Services with Third Party Solutions, We may collect information from these Third Party Solutions. This information includes your username, your unique identifier at these Third Party Services, access tokens allowing us to be recognized by Third Party Solutions, etc.

    Information collected by cookies: For more information, see our section "Do you use cookies?".

    Why certain Information is mandatory to provide?

    We sometimes need your Information. Failure to provide us with mandatory information may have consequences: For example, We need your email address and a password. We will not be able to create your account, We will not be able to provide you with the relevant Service, etc.

    When information is mandatory, We explain why We need it near the collection field.

    Why do you use my Information?

    We use your Information for various reasons that allow us to do so and we explain it below:

    • We may need it in order to provide you with our Services (Execution of a contract);
    • We may need it to comply with a legal obligation (Compliance with the law);
    • We may have a legitimate interest in processing your Information (Legitimate Interest);
    • We do this because you have given us your consent (Consent).
    Name Tags
    User and access rights management Contract execution
    Provision of Our Services Contract execution
    Customer relationship management, subscription management Contract execution
    Billing of our Services and payment of subscriptions when due Contract execution
    Fight against online payment fraud and management of possible claims Legitimate interest
    Conduct satisfaction surveys Legitimate interest
    Develop statistics on the use of our Services Legitimate interest
    Answer your questions Legitimate interest
    Handling your complaints, requests for the exercise of rights Contract execution / Compliance with the law
    Improvement of our indexing and referencing algorithms Legitimate interest
    Sending notifications / emails of activities Legitimate interest
    Send our newsletter Legitimate interest
    Sending emails with information about how Wuha works, help for the use of our Services Legitimate interest
    You send our commercial offers in connection with the Services you already use Legitimate interest
    Maintain and strengthen the security of our Services, detect fraudulent or suspicious activities on our Services Legitimate interest
    Keep connection logs Compliance with the law

    How long do you keep my Information?

    We retain your Information for varying lengths of time depending on the purposes for which we collect it.

    Information collected by cookies is stored for a maximum period of 13 months. For more information, see "Do you use cookies??".

    Information relating to traffic on our Services is kept for a maximum period of 12 months from the time it is collected in accordance with the law.

    Information related to your Account is kept for as long as you use our Services and for a maximum of 3 years after your last use of the Services or the last contact We had with you (for example, a click on a hypertext link in a newsletter). When your Account has been created by an Administrator, we delete it at his request or at the end of our contractual relationship with him.

    The Information relating to our customer relationship with you is kept for a period of 3 years from the end of the business relationship (for example, from the last payment for our Services, from the termination of the contract).

    Prospecting Information is kept for a period of 3 years from the date of Our last contact with you (for example, from the communication of a commercial brochure you request from Us, an email relating to a request for a quotation, etc.).

    Payment information is kept:

    • only the time of actual payment, for one-off Subscriptions/Subscription without tacit renewal;
    • until the termination of the Subscription, for Tacitly renewed subscriptions;
    • 13 months after the debit date for immediate debit cards and 15 months after the debit date for deferred payment cards concerning the card number and validity date, for claims management.

    Beyond that, some commercial Information may be kept longer in the form of archiving and outside our active databases, in particular for evidentiary purposes during the applicable limitation period (5 years in civil and commercial matters) as well as for accounting purposes (10 years from their date).

    The storage periods of the Data are determined exclusively by your Administrator. To obtain more information on how your Administrator processes your personal data in the Virtual Space he administers, we invite you to contact him directly. For more information, see our section "When does this Privacy Policy not apply?".

    Do you profile my Information?

    Profiling consists, for example, in evaluating personal aspects, predicting behaviour, preferences or interests. We do not perform profiling operations.

    Is my Information shared?

    When an Administrator authorizes you to use Our Services, this Administrator may have access to some of your Information and your Wuha Space. The Administrator is responsible for the processing he/she performs on your Wuha Space and the Data.

    For more information, see our section "When does this Privacy Policy not apply?".

    To Our Teams:

    Your Information may be communicated to Our various teams according to the purposes of Our processing. For example, our Marketing team may have access to your Information to send you emails, our Support team may have access to your Information to help you use Wuha, our Technical team may have access to your Information to fix a bug on our Services, etc.

    To our technical service providers:

    To whom? Why?
    Stripe For online payments on our Site
    OVH For hosting our servers
    Segment To centralize and unify third-party service data
    Intercom To send relevant information and improve our customer service
    Mixpanel To perform statistics and audience measurements of Our Services in order to offer adapted functionalities of our service
    Pipedrive To centralize customer information
    Quickbooks For order and invoice management
    Slack To inform us of any new registrations
    Google PubSub To secure the transfer of customer data between services
    Paper To automate certain tasks
    Typeform For our satisfaction surveys
    AWS S3 Backups of our database
    Dropcontact Automatically enriches the personal data collected
    Google Analytics Perform statistics and audience measurements of our services (pages visited, origin of Internet users, page viewing time, etc.).
    Hotjar Analyze interactions with our services in order to see in real time how customers (anonymized) interact on our pages.
    Facebook To offer you the most appropriate communication

    How do We secure your information?

    Wuha implements all the most optimal security measures to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your Information. In particular, Wuha ensures that it only uses service providers that offer recognized levels of security. For more information, see our security page.

    However, you remain responsible for the confidentiality of your Identifiers to connect to Wuha for any use that may be made of the Services through a session opened using your Identifiers.

    Where is my information stored?

    We prefer, as far as possible, to store and host your Information within the European Union. For example, we host your Information on servers located in Europe.

    We may transfer your Information to recipients located outside the European Union or processing your Information outside the European Union only when such recipients have taken adequate safeguards for the protection of personal data.

    These adequate guarantees may, for example, be:

    • an adequacy decision by the European Commission;
    • standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission;
    • codes of conduct approved in accordance with the DGMP;
    • certification mechanisms approved in accordance with the DGMP;
    • contractual clauses validated by the CNIL.
    Consignee concerned by the shipment outside the EU Adequate guarantee taken Third country concerned by the shipment outside the EU
    Google LLC Privacy Shield adequacy decision and Google certification United States
    Stripe Privacy Shield - PCI DSS level 1; United States
    Segment ; CSA; ISO 27001; ISO 27017; ISO 27018; United States
    Mixpanel Decision of adequacy Privacy Shield ; SOC 2; ISO 27001; HIPAA United States
    Intercom Decision of adequacy Privacy Shield ; CSA; SOC 2 United States
    Facebook Decision of adequacy Privacy Shield United States
    PipeDrive SSL Certificate Authority; 2FA; SAS 70 Type II Certificate; Germany
    OVH SOC 1; SOC 2; ISO 27001; France
    AWS S3 CSA; ISO 9001; ISO 27001; ISO 27017; ISO 27018; PCI DSS level 1; SOC 1; SOC 2; SOC 3; France
    Google Analytics Decision of adequacy Privacy Shield; SOC 1; SOC 2; SOC 3; ISO 27001; ISO 27017; ISO 27018; United States
    Hotjar ; SOC 2; ISO 27001; Europe
    Slack CSA; SOC 2; SOC 3; ISO 27001; ISO 27017; ISO 27018; United States
    Quickbooks VeriSign Secured, SSL Certificate Authority, 128 bit SSL encryption United States
    Google PubSub SOC 1; SOC 2; SOC 3; ISO 27001; ISO 27017; ISO 27018; EU Privacy Shield; United States
    Dropcontact SSL/TLS certificate; AES 256-bit encryption; France
    Zapier encryption & 2FA for the staff; credentials encrypted; United States
    Typeform VPC hosted; IDS; SSH bastions; AES 256 bits; TLS cryptographic protocols United States

    Do you use cookies?

    Yes, we use cookies and trackers on Our Site and on our Applications for various reasons.

    A "cookie" is a small file, usually composed of letters and numbers, sent by the web server to the browser's cookie file on your computer's hard drive.

    We use different categories of cookies:

    Technical cookies

    We need to set these cookies in order for our Applications and Site to work properly. For example, technical cookies will allow us to know that you are connected, to offer you the language of your choice, to display the website according to your presentation preferences, to better manage the load on our servers, etc.

    Cookies for audience measurement

    We store these cookies to better understand how you use our Services, the features you use most, etc.

    Advertising / marketing cookies

    We place advertising/marketing cookies to display advertisements that may be of interest to you or to customize the display of certain content or pages. These advertising cookies collect your Information when you use Our Applications and/or when you browse Our Site on which these cookies are also present. These cookies (third parties) are published by advertising agencies / marketing companies.

    You will find below the list of cookies we use:

    Category Cookie editor Purpose Cookie lifetime More information
    Technical cookies Wuha We need them to run our Site and Applications Session time
    Technical cookies Stripe We use Stripe to manage banking transactions when you subscribe to one of our online offers 15 months Stripe Cookies Policy
    Technical cookies Segment We use Segment to centralize and unify third-party service data 5 years Segment Privacy Policy:
    Audience measurement cookies Google Analytics These cookies are provided by Google Analytics and We use them to perform statistics and measurements of the audience of Our Services (pages visited, origin of Internet users, page consultation time, etc.). Up to 13 months Google Analytics Privacy Policy
    Audience measurement cookies Hotjar We use Hotjar to analyze how you interact with our Site. With Hotjar we can see in real time how you (anonymously) interact on our pages, the links on which you choose to click. We can also know the type of device you are using, the size of your screen, your geographic location. This information allows us to evolve our Services by modifying our interfaces or our pages. 13 months Hotjar Privacy Policy Opt-out:
    Audience measurement cookies Mixpanel We use Mixpanel to perform statistics and measurements of the audience of Our Services (pages visited, origin of Internet users, page consultation time, etc.). 13 months Mixpanel's privacy policy:
    Marketing Cookies Intercom We use Intercom to collect personal and usage data so we can send you relevant information and improve our customer service 13 months Intercom Cookie Policy:
    Marketing Cookies Facebook We use Facebook's Pixel to offer you the most adapted communication

    How can I prevent the use of cookies?

    You can oppose the use of cookies in several ways.

    By indicating your preferences in our configuration tool here.

    By expressing your opposition to the tracking tools offered by the editors of the cookies concerned: when they exist, we list them in the cookie table above.

    You can also indicate your opposition to tracking cookies from a large number of publishers on the Your Online Choices website:

    What are my rights?

    You can update your Account Information at any time by changing your settings on your Dashboard.

    You have several rights to your Information that we hold:

    Name Tags
    Right of access: You may ask us to access all the Information we hold about you:
    Right of rectification: You may ask us to correct your Information. In most cases, you can correct your Information yourself by logging into our Site and going to your Dashboard:
    Right of opposition: You may ask us to stop using your Information when we do so because of a legitimate interest, or you may ask us to stop receiving prospecting / direct marketing messages. In particular, you can do this easily by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page of the emails we send you.
    Right to withdraw consent: When you have given us your consent to use your Information for a specific purpose, you may at any time decide to withdraw your consent and we will then stop using your Information for that purpose.
    Right to delete: You may ask us to delete your Information or stop using it:
    Right to limitation: You may ask us to block the use of your Information, i.e. to temporarily store it but to stop using it.
    Right to portability: You can export your Information in a reusable format or when possible ask us to forward it to another company that can reuse it:
    Right to file a complaint: You can file a complaint with the authority responsible for protecting personal data (in France, the CNIL if you believe that your rights have not been respected.

    How to exercise my rights?

    To exercise your rights, please contact us at the address given in the article "How can I contact you?".

    We will do our best to answer you within one month.

    Sometimes we will not be able to accept a request because the law does not apply: We will explain it to you.

    We may also ask you for proof of identity to make sure it is you.

    Please note that We will only be able to respond to requests to exercise rights related to this Policy. For more information, see "When does this Privacy Policy not apply?".

    For example: If an Administrator has created your Account for You, we cannot respond to a request to delete your Account or a request to portability the Data stored in your Wuha Space because it is your Administrator who is responsible for these processes.

    If you nevertheless contact us, we will forward your request to your Administrator so that he can process it.

    What happens when I delete a document or application?

    At any time, You can:

    • disconnect an application: the application is automatically deleted from Wuha and its data deindexed.
    • delete a document, email or other: synchronization with our API immediately updates your data in Wuha and deletes the item in question from our databases.
    • disable Wuha in Google for a specific privacy need. Any searches you perform while Wuha is disabled will not be sent to our servers and we will not search the corresponding documents. You can re-activate Wuha at any time by clicking on the switch.

    Wuha also respects the access rights to the applications you connect. So as soon as you lose access to a document on Google Drive for example, it is immediately updated in the Wuha API. All the confidentiality of information between teams in particular is thus preserved.

    By continuing to browse this site, you agree to the use of Cookies to collect statistics on visits. Read more