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Antonin posted on 2/6/2019

The year 2018 was a busy one for Wuha, with the launch of the beta version of Wuha in January 2018 and the launch of a commercial partnership with Editions Francis Lefebvre in September 2018.

We have collected hundreds of feedbacks on our product, on the expectations of our users and on the needs of our prospects to refine our objectives. All these feedbacks have necessarily led to the redesign of our visual identity and our website.

What we want to convey

  • More clarity on the Wuha product Wuha is an artificial intelligence able to understand different types of information that are usually not comparable (a document, an email, a spreadsheet, a conversation, etc.) and to find the best results based on the searches made by users. Simply explaining it to a user was a real challenge. Our new website shows how Wuha can help them in their daily lives.
  • Our search is as efficient as it is easy to use Generally when we present our AI, our search engine and what knowledge management is, we must also present the ease of integration which is a high added value element: anyone can benefit from a powerful search engine without technical knowledge. We explain to you in a very concrete way how Wuha can, in a few clicks, connect all the information sources of a user without technical knowledge.
  • Transparency on data Today, data protection and understanding what companies are doing with it can be a real headache. At Wuha, we want to raise awareness on these issues and this requires exemplarity. We have therefore decided to be totally transparent about what we do with user data and why some of this information may be useful to us to propose the best possible results.
  • Safety information Transparency is only one part of the data challenge. With a CTO formerly Software Engineer in a bank, we put security at the heart of our system. Each part is independently thought out and we use the best external players to challenge us and test the robustness of our system.

How did we proceed?

To best convey our vision, we therefore called upon Charles Bail - UX designer - who for the second time accepted the challenge. More than one and a half years ago, he had already done a hell of a job by using our logo and visual identity to make Wuha meet SaaS product standards.

As explained above, Juliette (our Growth marketer) & Charly (our Support Manager) collected hundreds of feedbacks on our product through interviews, questionnaires, A/B tests in order to better understand our users' needs and spearheaded the new wording.

With Sacha, CEO and co-founder of Wuha, we worked on our vision, on what Wuha represented today and what Wuha will be in 5 years time so that Charles could better understand our philosophy and propose graphic choices in accordance with this vision. As Product Owner, Aymeric was the conductor of this project and coordinated everyone.

To facilitate the work and knowing that Charles was working remotely, we used several tools:

  • Figma: This collaborative SaaS interface design tool allowed us to easily see Charles' universe proposals and iterations in UX and UI. It also offers the possibility to simply export resources (interface elements) in several formats, as well as to access the information of the different components (colors, typographies, sizes, margins...).
  • Notion: This is increasingly our main tool. It facilitates collaborative work: through workspaces, tables, documents, etc. We used it to create all the wording and internal mesh of the different pages of the site.
  • Gatsbyjs : It is an open-source static site generator allowing a great flexibility thanks to the use of React, and relying on a very active community on GitHub. It includes a plugin system that improves SEO or resource loading (images, scripts...), and has a native GraphQl server that allows the generation of pages (such as blog articles) on the fly.
  • Bugherd: This is a browser extension that allowed us to make live comments on the integration version of our site. An incredible time saving compared to Trello with Screenshots, remark etc....

Our team reinvents itself, challenges itself and innovates in order to better meet the needs of our users. This new site is the expression of all the feedback collected during nearly a year and aims to better understand what is called "searching easily".

So, really, don't hesitate to give us your feedback here!

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