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Juliette posted on 2/26/2019

Remember the Spotlight function on Mac or the search function on Windows?

The search bar that allows you to search everywhere in your Mac.... It was good, but we thought it wasn't enough 😜

So we decided to give you the possibility to search everywhere on your computer (Mac & PC), and on your cloud softwares from your browser! Thus was born Wuha's Search Bar, accessible thanks to its CTRL + ESPACE shortcut.

Step 1: We start at the beginning

Installing the extension

If you have not already done so, install the Wuha extension on Chrome or on Firefox by creating your account. It doesn't seem like the nicest part, but believe us, it's worth it.

Update the plugin

If you already have the extension, update it:

We have decided not to develop our Search Bar for Internet Explorer because of maintenance difficulties and the browser "technical debt" that was officially announced by Chris Jackson, Windows senior architect and cybersecurity expert.

And then connect your account

Step 2 : Connect as many sources of information as possible

Connect all your Cloud applications and folders on your computer (Mac & PC) to make your search even more efficient:


Step 3 : Be productive in your search!

Let's say you want to share with your colleagues a presentation you made to Elon Musk.

Practical. Use the CTRL + SPACE shortcut or click directly on the extension's icon.

The Search Bar then opens instantly anywhere from your Chrome or Firefox browser.

If you give it a try 🤠, don't be surprised: the Search Bar opens everywhere except:

  • from the settings pages of your browser
  • on the home page
  • when you are not on your browser

You can then find your happiness in 2 seconds and share it with your colleagues!

To go further in your search, we provide you with some effective features 🦊

Don't rename your files anymore!

We know that naming your documents is a hassle. To compensate for this, our Data Scientists have been crushing their brains...

Our algorithm guesses the structure of your files such as contracts, resumes, invoices, quotes etc.

And a big plus that makes the difference: our AI will look not only for the title and metadata, but also for the content of your documents 💥

Ex: "Hyperloop order"


Stay the way you are, we'll adapt to your language

Our Artificial Intelligence understands and enriches your vocabulary. This makes it possible to interpret acronyms, identify names and nominal groups.

Be natural in the requests you type!

Ex : "application for part time POTUS"


When did I send it already?

Our engine captures the temporal nuances... Don't be afraid to be approximate in your requests 🤔

You can also write directly the formats of your documents.

Ex : "last year presentation pdf"


Filter by source of information

Click on the icons of your choice to better target your searches.

Of course, I stored it on my Drive!


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