The power of our Artificial Intelligence

After more than 3 years of Research & Development, Wuha offers many features to offer you the best possible search experience.

gridsmart preview

Smart preview

At a glance, identify the source of the information, the file format and the content of the results

smart preview


Select the source in which you want to target your searches.

griddates and formats

Dates detection

Wuha understands and interprets time information. So you can search by more or less approximate dates.

Search by format

Refine your searches by targeting the format in your requests.

dates and formats
similar results
gridsimilar results

Similar results

No more questions about the "right version" of a document! Wuha gives you the most recent and similar results associated with it.

gridlanguage interpretation

Language interpretation

Our A.I. adapts to the vocabulary specific to your profession. Wuha manages to translate your acronyms, detect names, identify nominal groups...

language interpretation
document typology
griddocument typology

The type of document

No more renaming of your documents thanks to our algorithm that can interpret typologies such as resumes, contracts, invoices, quotes, etc.

Wuha adapts to your needs

We wanted to make the information accessible at all times

Start optimizing your workflow

Connect your information sources to search and share with ease


We take security seriously.

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